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5 Easy Bo Staff Tricks for Beginners

5 Easy Bo Staff Tricks for Beginners

Are you a beginner at learning the Bo Staff? This Martial Arts weapons is fun to learn and use, and it teaches you different things like control, focus, perseverance, and more! Below, I go through tips for the 5 Easy Bo Staff Tricks for Beginners that you can learn even if you’re just barely starting! Make sure to watch the tutorial video so you can learn each trick!

Tips to Prepare for Your Black Belt Test

Tips to Prepare for Your Black Belt Test

Nervous about testing for your Black Belt? Don’t worry! I have 6 tips to help you prepare for your exam based off my own experience having tested up to 4th Dan and the tips I give my students when they are about to test for their Black Belts!

About Master Samery

Samery Moras is a Kukkiwon-certified 4th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo. She spent 6 years traveling as part of Team USA as a competitor in Sparring, competing & training in places like Korea, Australia, Spain, China, Peru, and more. When she traveled overseas for competitions, she started creating videos on her YouTube channel which now has now accrued millions of views.

Aside from her athletic career, she also owns 2 Martial Arts schools in Utah, and loves to teach and share her passion in the Martial Arts.