5 Reasons Why You HATE Working Out at Home… (and tips to help you love it!) 

Let’s talk about home workouts! We know they’re good for us & our instructors always remind us to practice what we learn in class at home. So what makes it so hard to talk yourself into training once we’re actually at home? 

Personally, I’ve spent most of my training journey training at home by myself. It’s always been difficult, especially with the distractions of work, school, friends, and just being tired from the day! For each of these reasons, I’m going to share some tips that helped me as well!

Reason #1 – Lack of Motivation

This one is kind of obvious. Let’s be realistic, you have a billion things to do. You probably have either work, school, or kids- a workout might be the last thing on your mind. Finding the motivation is going to be key to keeping yourself disciplined to do every workout.

Tip #1: Create a dedicated workout space. 

Now, I have a whole Martial Arts workout studio that I made in one of our extra bedrooms with mats, lights, etc cause I film a lot, but it doesn’t have to be that over the top. The point is I made it my “happy zone” so that way I actually want to go work out even when I’m not recording. 

Simple things you can do are: 

– Put up motivational posters.

– Sticky notes with motivational quotes.

– Whiteboard with your goal(s) written out.

Back when I was training, I remember I put up my Collegiate Nationals silver medal on the wall, cause every time I looked at it I wanted to remember how badly I wanted to turn that silver into a Gold Medal the following year at the same tournament to make the National Team. That re-inspired me anytime I was feeling extra un-motivated.

Tip #2: Make it fun!

Put on your workout clothes that make you feel great & dressed for the occasion! This can be your favorite leggings or a motivational shirt & tkd pants. Also, put your favorite music on! I’m a big swiftie so I like putting on upbeat remixes to get me in the workout mood.

Tip #3: Set yourself up for success!

Don’t make it this long and grueling workout with all the things you feel are your weak points that you have to practice. Especially while you are developing the habit to workout, do things like short 15 or 20-minute workouts with your favorite drills. Over time you can extend the length and add in more of the difficult drills.

2. Distractions & Interruptions

This is a huge one for me cause my phone is constantly blowing up all day! While I’m workout out I have to try and lessen the physical and virtual distractions that might interrupt me and take my attention away.

Tip #4: Use Do Not Disturb mode on your phone.

I think most phones let you customize your “Focus” mode to only allow certain apps or people’s notifications to come through. I’ll often be using a timer and see a text or social media notification come through and think, “Oh I can just reply really quick.” But that’s a distraction that is going to take away from the rhythm of my workout.

Tip #5: Communicate your focused workout time block to those who may interrupt in person.

My husband has a knack for asking me questions or walking in my office to show me a tiktok when I’m trying to focus on a task. Now I’ve learned to communicate ahead of time if I know there is going to be an opportunity for this to happen.

Tip #6: Choose workout times when you know you’re less likely to be interrupted.

I love to do morning meditations and workouts early in the morning while everyone is still asleep. This lessens the amount of distractions cause it’s quiet and no one is trying to reach me! Find a time when there are less distractions around.

Reason #3- Not having a plan

Once you actually do the work of getting yourself to your workout space, the last thing you want to do is to have to think of a workout plan.

Tip #7: Create a workout plan ahead of time.

If you go to a Martial Arts studio and have an instructor, ask them what drills you can work on at home. You can also remember to jot down some notes of your favorite drills after a class you go to.

Tip #8: Look up a follow-along workout.

There are lots of video workouts on YouTube that you can follow along to. There’s also a whole library of workouts on my Black Belt Samery training site! If you want a guided plan that builds on each other, you can also start following a Martial Arts course on my Black Belt Samery site. There’s courses & workouts for all kinds of martial arts topics like: Beginners, Bo Staff, Cardio, Poomsae, and so many more!

Reason #4- Limited equipment/space

You probably don’t have as much space & equipment as you’re used to in a martial arts studio. That’s ok! Here’s some tips to work in a smaller space:

Tip #9: Alter drills to not need as much space

For example, if I want to work on my poomsae, but it doesn’t fit in my small living room, I’ll break it up into sections. I’ll drill the first 4 moves 10 times, then move on to the next 4 moves separately 10 times. This way you’re still practicing and even getting to focus on specific techniques even more.

Tip #10: Get easy-to-store equipment.

You definitely don’t need ALL the equipment you think you do. Get creative with drills that use bodyweight exercises or don’t require equipment. However, if you’re like me and love mixing up exercises to make it more fun, there is plenty of equipment that is easy to store and doesn’t take up too much space. I’ll leave some of my favorites you can get on Amazon here:


– Agility Ladder: https://amzn.to/3SwKHRl

– Wavemaster Kicking Bag: https://amzn.to/3Sw8n8p

– Workout Bands: https://amzn.to/3ubg0a1

– Agility Rings: https://amzn.to/40qfOA3

– Medicine ball (choose from different weights): https://amzn.to/3QvU80E

Reason #5- Lack of social interaction

Let’s be honest- it’s just not the same when you don’t have a class full of dedicated martial arts students ready to take on a workout together. The energy is just different!

Tip #11- Join a livestream class or virtual community

I have mine on Black Belt Samery, if you join you get access to our Community tab where you can talk to other Martial Artists that are also training and following the workout program! Every so often we have livestream classes or challenges. Participating in online workout challenges can also be fun so you can feel a part of something bigger than just you and engage with other martial artists.

Tip #12: Ask a friend to join you!

See if a friend wants to join you in your workout. This can be in-person if you guys want to do something like go on a run together, practice a form at the park, or even virtually by hopping on a facetime call and picking drills together.

Overall, I hope this list was helpful to you and you have a couple of new ideas to try and enjoy working out at home more! If you have any questions or other suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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