Working out from home can be challenging because of the distractions, lack of motivation, and self-drive it requires to stick to your goals. Here’s 5 Tips for Working Out at Home to make it a great experience that you’re excited about to help you progress!

1. Schedule Your Workouts

Plan ahead! It’s easy to procrastinate working out if you wake up and think, “Oh, I have to get a workout in today.” However, if you plan these in advance, you can designate the time so you can both mentally and physically prep- which will make it that much more likely that you’ll actually get the workout done. I like to plan out my workouts for the week each Sunday. I go through the time during the day that I’ll get the workout done in, and also what I’ll be doing during it. If you like following along to workouts so you don’t have to think of a training plan, check some of these routines out:

2. Dress Up for the Workout

Get your body in proper workout clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in. This can be anything from wearing your Martial Arts uniform, to just TKD pants, belt, and t-shirt, or- my favorite- leggings! The point is to get you to feel like you’re actually in a class so you can treat your workout as focused as you want it!

3. Designate a Workout Space

It doesn’t matter if you have an entire gym room you can practice in or if you’re in a corner of your living room- you’re going to want a designated space where you can do all of your drills in. Don’t stress about not having the ‘perfect’ setup or equipment. Focus on what you DO HAVE and start there- then you can work up to adding things you want in your space! Also, try to eliminate distractions whenever you’re in your space. For example, try not to check your texts or answer calls as this will take your attention elsewhere and you may find yourself ending workouts early.

4. Set Realistic Goals

Think about the ways you can improve with the space and resources you have. For example, if you want to improve in your sparring, you may not be able to have full sessions with a sparring partner at home- but you CAN work on your footwork, cardio, flexibility, reaction time, and other skills that will help translate to your goal. 

5. Find A Community

Lastly, find other like-minded people you can share your workout goals with. This might be in the way of finding a workout buddy, or an online community like Live Martial Arts with other Martial Artists with similar goals. Having a community increases your chances of hitting your goals because it creates a sense of accountability and you get motivated and inspired by others as well! 

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