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Higher Kicks & Leg Control – $59.40

(Regular price $99)

So many people think getting high kicks is just about stretching a lot, but there’s a lot of specific drills you can do to help you achieve your goals! This course includes 12 stretches and over 30 flexibility, strength, and balance drills to help you get your kicks up higher. At the end, there’s even 8 combinations to try and challenge you to accomplish!

Kick Vault – $17.40

(Regular price $29)

In this course, Samery breaks down each kick with a tutorial covering the proper form and technique of all the basic kicks in Martial Arts. Each video tutorial covers a thorough explanation of how to perform each kick, key points & tips about performing them correctly, and common mistakes to avoid!

Bo Staff Course – $59.40

(Regular price $99)

This course is a great way to start learning Bo Staff basics! We’ll be covering: Strikes, Basic Blocks, Hand Rolls, Neck Rolls, and Spins. At the end, we’ll be putting together all the moves to make a Basic Combo that you can use in any demo, competition, or performance!

Nunchucks Course – $59.40

(Regular price $99)

The course covers all Nunchucks basics- rebounds, spins, strikes, manipulations, and even a nunchucks form routine that you can use for any performances or competitions!

Pro Sparring Drills – $99

(Regular price $99)

This course is made for both athletes that want to train to compete, and also for Taekwondo practitioners that just want to enjoy the benefits of high-level training. It’s also great for Martial Arts school owners and instructors to teach sparring class students- each workout comes along with a PDF routine and videos to follow-along and explain each drill.

Live Martial Arts Membership – $199 for 1-year

(Regular price $240)

Live Martial Arts is a library of Martial Arts workouts you can watch to follow along and workout at home. The workouts are divided into the different areas, so you can select to do a Sparring workout, bo staff class, higher kicks workout routine and more! This also comes with special access to a members-only Facebook group with extras!

– Monthly Live Masterclass on Zoom
– Access to Workout Video Library with 20min classes
– Q&A Sessions
– Team Bonding Meetings & Community Facebook Group

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Hello, I'm Master Samery!

Hello, I'm Master Samery!

Founder & Master Instructor

Samery Moras is a Kukkiwon-certified 4th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo. She spent 6 years traveling as part of Team USA as a competitor in Sparring, competing & training in places like Korea, Australia, Spain, China, Peru, and more. When she traveled overseas for competitions, she started creating videos on her YouTube channel which now has now accrued millions of views.

Aside from her athletic career, she also owns 2 Martial Arts schools in Utah, and loves to teach and share her passion in the Martial Arts.