3 Quotes to Help You Stay Motivated When You’re Injured

Going through injuries SUCKS! The biggest injury I’ve had to overcome was when I tore the ligaments in my ankle while training, and then a year-long recovery process after surgery. I hated missing out on competitions and watching training sessions from the sidelines. Here’s 3 of my favorite quotes that reminded me to keep my mindset strong while my body healed.

1. Consciously Make the Choice You Want to Take

Although you can’t always control the circumstances you’re faced with, one thing you can always control is your attitude towards them. If you don’t make a conscious choice, there’s also a default that doesn’t usually yield a positive outcome.

If you let an injury define you, you’ll always get stuck on the fact that you’re injured and limit yourself by your injury. If you let it destroy you, you’re going to let the injury take you downhill and let go of many of your goals and aspirations. However, if you choose to let your injury strengthen you- you can turn it into an opportunity to grow and create a stronger version of yourself. 

2. What CAN you do to keep moving forward?

It’s easy to get caught up and list out all the things you want to do, but can’t do. I remember having my foot in a boot while in a wheelchair and watching my team train on the mats in front of me. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t jump in to join. However, I took the time to work on exercises I could do ‘training’ alongside them. For months, I’d work on core strength, flexibility, analyze matches, rehab exercises, and more things that I could do to keep myself improving in some way. Progress keeps the motivation moving!


What’s more inspiring- someone who achieves something huge while overcoming different scenarios that should’ve stopped them, or someone who did it all without a single obstacle or trouble in their way? The hardest things in life feel the most rewarding. You already have the injury, think about how much more meaningful your accomplishment will be if you can get over this hurdle. You’ll feel stronger and capable of making it past other future challenges that get in your way. 

When I came out of surgery, my only goal was to go back to competitions as soon as possible. Looking back, I realize that time gave me an opportunity to not just re-create myself as an athlete, but also time to grow in other ways as well. I had time to focus on my YouTube channel, work on other aspects of martial arts, and develop a more confident mindset. I truly believe I came out of my injury as a better athlete and human being than before.

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