I first learned about Kristina from USA Taekwondo’s Facebook page. As I was scrolling through my news feed, I saw they shared one of her vlogs that she made while she was training overseas. I immediately got excited since I remember that’s when I started my way onto vlogging on YouTube back when I was competing- so I had to learn more about Kristina. She is a USA Taekwondo resident athlete, an amazing martial artist, and has worked incredibly hard to reach her goals and has so many more. Read below to learn more about Kristina Teachout.⁠⠀

What got you started in Martial Arts? 

My sister! The grocery store we shopped at had a Taekwondo school in the same plaza. She saw it and wanted to join so my parents signed the both of us up.  

 What does life look like now? (school, travel, training)

I wake up, eat breakfast and go training. After training I rest and recover and I’m right out the door again for my second session. I usually save homework for the end of the day.  

Do you always eat healthy food? How do you stay “on weight”? 

Most of the time I eat a balanced diet. If there’s not a competition coming up, I’ll allow myself to indulge sometimes. If I need to cut weight or diet ill track my calories. 

What mental tool do you use under pressure? 

I try to stay in a positive mindset no matter what happens. The worst thing that can happen is that you lose- then you learn, it’s only a game.  Sometimes my nerves get the point where I kinda stop myself from fighting, I just shut down. I try to hype myself up when it happens. Like I know what I’m capable of, know that I put in the work,  so why cheat yourself? Over the years I’ve learned how to better manage myself when I’m under pressure and I’ve been able to fight so much better because of it. (Music is great to distract and get in “the zone” 😉 

What is the hardest part of training/competition? 

The hardest part about training is consistently pushing yourself. It sucks sometimes. You get banged up, you’re sore, you’re tired, but you still have to get up in the morning and commit to the session.  But all of it makes me stronger.  When I feel exhausted in a competition, I know I have more in me to push and keep fighting. It’s because of the high-pressure situations we are put under in training, I’m able to fight it out with these tough girls. 

Talk to us about YouTube, why did you start vlogging? Is it just for fun, or do you have a goal? What do you like/dislike about vlogging? 

When I was younger my sister and I would make little videos and I would love to edit them. So, I started vlogging for fun and to “document” my journey. There’s no long-term goal right now, though obviously making money from it would be great.  

Future goals, where do you want to see yourself athletic career? 

I want to win junior/senior worlds and Olympic gold for taekwondo. After that I want to win some titles in kickboxing and try out MMA.  

How do you think competing/training in martial arts has changed your life? 

Training and competing in martial arts has shaped me into the person I am today. Its allowed me to experience so much and meet new people from around the world. I have matured and learned so much from martial arts and I’m forever grateful for it. 

Advice for others that want to achieve their big dreams like you? 

Set your goals and put in the time. There’s no cheating hard work. Don’t listen to what people have to say about your dreams. It’s your life to live, you’re the one in control. Believe and achieve baby.

Want to follow Kristina Teachout? You can find her on social media below: 

Instagram: @kristina_teachout 

YouTube:  Kristina Teachout

She has awesome vlogs where you get to see the life of a professional Taekwondo athlete!

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