FYI- Century was kind enough to send me this uniform to review, however, all opinions are 100% my own true & honest thoughts!

If you’re a below-Black Belt student or a Martial Arts school owner, this is a great review of Century’s Taekwondo Student Uniform where I share my thoughts on it’s quality. You can watch the video HERE, or read all about it below!


The Century Taekwondo Student Uniform is made of ribbed fabric- something that is high up on my list because the material it’s made of is super high quality for a student uniform. It feels firm and even on the video you can hear the noise as I kick and strike. Most student uniforms are made of a cheap material and as you use & wash them, over time they become super soft and end up feeling like you’re wearing pajamas! However, the ribbed fabric make this both a durable & comfortable material.


I know not everyone likes light uniforms, but when I’m training, I love feeling light and quick during my workouts. According to Century’s website, this uniform is just 6 oz- and it definitely feels that light! 

Color Options

The uniform that I got is in white, however they also have these in red, blue, and black! These are great options if you have a demonstration team or different programs in your school.


I feel like the price of the uniform is excellent for the high-quality student uniform you receive. It’s only $29.99 (use my code “SAMERY10” if you want to receive 10% Off!), which is a very competitive price if you do your research for similar student uniforms.


Overall, I would highly recommend this uniform to any student that is looking for a new training uniform that they will enjoy. I would also recommend it to other instructors and school owners as a great option to provide to their students. Century is my favorite Martial Arts brand because of the quality of their products & how awesome the company itself is!

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