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Nunchucks for Beginners

Want to learn Nunchucks, but don’t have an instructor?

This is the course for you! Nunchucks are my favorite Martial Arts weapon, which I am self-taught and have trained in for the past 10 years. I created this starter course so that ANYONE can follow-along with the lesson plans and learn how to use Nunchucks, even at home!

The course covers all Nunchucks basics- rebounds, spins, strikes, manipulations, and even a nunchucks form routine that you can use for any performances or competitions!

How Do I Use the Course?

The course is divided intro 3 sections- Bo Staff Basics, Strikes, Spins & Rolls, and a Bo Form.

There are accompanying PDFs that explain the techniques that are taught and a training routine with warmups and drills you can use for your training session!

What Nunchucks should I use?

You can use any double nunchucks for this course! Padded/foam ones are great for beginners. If you’re feeling more advanced, you can get a pair of Samery Moras Competition Nunchucks, check them out here!

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Hello, I'm Master Samery!

Hello, I'm Master Samery!

Founder & Master Instructor

Samery Moras is a Kukkiwon-certified 4th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo with over 20 years of experience. She spent 6 years traveling as part of Team USA as a competitor in Sparring, competing & training in places like Korea, Australia, Spain, China, Peru, and more. When she traveled overseas for competitions, she started creating videos on her YouTube channel which now has now accrued millions of views.

Aside from her athletic career, she also owns 2 Martial Arts schools in Utah with her family, and loves to teach and share her passion in the Martial Arts.