Training with Martial Arts weapons is awesome for so many different reasons. It’s a new type of challenge, you have to really push your focus in different ways, and lastly it’s just COOL and FUN! I recently ordered all new weapons from Buki Yuushuu– an awesome Martial Arts Weapons company that allows you to completely customize your weapons. I would highly recommend checking them out and using my code “Samery” for 10% OFF all weapons on their site šŸ™‚

Now below, check out all my top favorite weapons that I use in my own training:


Bo Staff

I’ve used several different bo staffs, but my favorite ones are tapered, competition ones. I love having bright and flashy colors, so I recently had one custom made with all the colors I chose. I ordered through Buki Yuushuu (PS- Use my code “Samery” for 10% OFF all weapons on their store!)

I chose these specific colors from their Spectrum collection because I love how light reflects off from it, specially when you’re adding lots of speed and spins. The cool thing about ordering weapons from Buki Yuushuu is that you can completely customize all your options!

Buki Yuushuu Spectrum Bo Staff: ORDER HERE(Use code “Samery” for 10% weapons orders!)

Century Martial Arts also has awesome Bo Staffs, here are a couple of my favorites.

You can use the code “SAMERY10” for 10% off anything on the Century Martial Arts site as well!


Competition Bo – Fire & Ice: CLICK HERE

Demo Bo Staff: CLICK HERE



There’s 2 kinds of Nunchucks I use and would recommend. I compete with my Samery Moras Signature Competition Nunchucks (pictured on the right). These nunchucks morph colors from pink, purple, blue, green, and gold– perfect for competitions and performances!!

The other nunchucks I train with are also from Buki Yushuu, and are also fully customizable!

Samery Moras Signature Competition Nunchucks: ORDER HERE

Buki Yuushuu Spectrum Nunchucks: ORDER HERE(Use code “Samery” for 10% weapons orders!)




I picked these fun colored kamas cause I love the dual colored look on the handles! What’s cool about the Buki Yuushuu Kamas, is they have all types available- Viper Kamas (blade on bottom) and Flying Kamas (I’ve never tried these, but they look awesome). Once again, you can fully customize the colors! These are super lightweight which makes them great for competition & tricks!

Buki Yuushuu Spectrum Kamas: ORDER HERE
(Use code “Samery” for 10% weapons orders!)


Want to learn How to Use the Bo Staff? Check out my Bo Staff for Beginners E-Course where you can learn everything about Bo Staff Basics from beginning to the end. We cover strikes, spins, rolls, and an entire combination you can use as a form!

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