3 Tips for Better Tornado Kicks (360 Round House Kicks) 

Are you hoping to improve your tornado kicks because they don’t feel fast or smooth? Here’s 3 tips of things to check and improve that will help you get closer to the tornado kick you want!

1. Don’t lift your leg too early.

Break down each step slowly so you can walk through the technique. Many times, people end up rushing the spin and jump and lift their non-kicking leg too early. This makes it so their leg ends up being pointed to the side, and then they have to do a larger jump to rotate their hips all the way over their leg. Instead, walk through each motion slowly until you feel comfortable-THEN add speed.

2. Focus your eyes

Have you heard of the term spotting? As soon as you turn your head, make sure your eyes are looking for the target of where you want to hit. Don’t let your eyes look down at the floor or of to the side. Pick a target or a point on a wall in front of you to center your eyes or what you want to aim for. 

3. Turn your hips over

Many times, students will end up doing a poor roundhouse kick after their spin and jump because they’re trying to add speed before they are ready. Make sure you break down the technique so that you can turn your hips all the way over properly for the roundhouse kick so your kick can have power!

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